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Easy DIY - Taylor Swift Ked's collection inspired shoes on budget

Easy DIY – Taylor Swift Keds collection inspired shoes

I am so much in love with Taylor Swift’s Keds collection of shoes that I had to do this DIY. I would love to buy those shoes and show them off, but for now lets stick to the budget. So here is my version of shoes inspired by the lovely sneaker collection. What do you think of them? Achieving this look is super easy and anyone can do it. || Read more

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Best side dish ever - Veggies in Hoisin Sauce

Best side dish ever – Veggies in Hoisin Sauce

I never thought I would be such a foodie. Thank fully I stick to the cooking end of being foodie than eating everything I come across. I believe being addicted to cooking also makes you a foodie. You just want to cook yummy thing (read – I don’t feel like to cook dinner but I can bake a cake). Cooking is like meditation to me that calms my mind and if it is a cake, it adds some more fat to my belly. Apart from this philosophy, I am here to share a delicious side dish recipe which is super yummy. It is Tofu, Eggplant and Onions in Hoisin Sauce. || Read more

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Girrafe at Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, Omaha, Nebraska_1

Summer Fun trip to Zoo with beautiful pics.

Last weekend we went to Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium at Omaha, Nebraska. It is a three hour drive from our place. The zoo had tons of visitors. It opens at 9 am and parking lots were almost packed by 9:30 am. The zoo offers many rides along with displaying exotic animals. This was for the first time I saw so many Gorillas in one zoo. We all love trips to zoo and kids go crazy there. So did my daughter who was trying to catch fishes through the glass walls of aquarium. Visiting zoo is one of my favorite summer time activity. We had a terrific time there and I managed to get some lovely pictures. It was a lot of hard work though (with hubby taking care of baby and me vanishing in crowd to get a pic, it sure was hard work). So I am here to share these pictures with you. Hope you enjoy them all. || Read more

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Pass on a healthy lifestyle in Inheritance

Pass on a healthy lifestyle in Inheritance

Home is a child’s first school.

A kid learns more by observing than by reading.

These are two famous sayings back at my place. And as far as my motherhood experience is concerned, I find them to be very true. I have noticed many a times the keen interest with which my 22 months old daughter observes our activities. An adorable imitation follows up soon. She loves to hold my camera the way I do; she always want to knead the dough with me; she would bring her own book to give me company when I read. There are many such daily chores that she tries to imitate.

This made me realize how a child learns so much from his/her home. From time to time I review my behavior and point out things to my husband as well, that I don’t want her to copy. Yes even our behavior reflects in our child. How do I know this? I have noticed || Read more

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Summer family fun idea - Boating and Kayak

Summer family fun idea – Boating and Kayak

I won’t try to hide my distress here. I am in shock (and may be in slight depression) that Summer is almost over. I am so very much enjoying it all and soon it will be covered in snow. Of course I love Winter but only till fist snow. After that it is a period of waiting till Spring shows up. The worst part is I haven’t shared my portion of summer fun with you guys yet. So without any further delay, I decided to post all things we did and are doing till summer is here.

For me it is Summer when the weather stops being cold and I can pack up all my sweaters, coats and my last sweat shirt. The warmer part of Spring also counts into my summer. It is the time when I get released from my months long winter house arrest hiding. So the first thing we decided to do as a Summer activity was boating which we soon followed by a one day city exploring trip to St. Louis on 4th of July. || Read more

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I am very excited to share this with all of you. Recently MommySlim from decided to award IQmom the Top Mommy Blog badge. They came across one of our humor post Toddler Gags – Vicious circle of Bath and found it very funny.

They further explored our blog and this is what the Mommyslim representative had to say about it – “Also touching on your blog, I love the creativity and thought that you put into your blog. My job is to find exceptional blogs that focus on family, health, and overall well being. On behalf of MommySlim, I would like to award you the “Top Mommy Blog” badge. We recognize that it is a huge undertaking to be a mother with all its associated stresses and yet you push forward to put out some of the best content for your blog as well.  Simply, I want to say thank you for being an inspiration to others.”

Thank you so much MommySlim for honoring us. Here is the lovely award badge.

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My daughter grabbing my camera

My daughter grabbing my camera

Radio Jockey (RJ) : Yo yo everyone. Today we have brought you a very exclusive interview of a mom whose child aspires to be a Ninja. How cool is that? Lets find out what this mom has to say. Hello there Ninja mommy.

Me (with lots of makeup on) : Hi!! I am so excited to be here (fixing my hair).

RJ : Well…Ninjas are very secretive. So how did ya figure out your daughter was training to be a Ninja? || Read more