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Tips to take memorable Halloween picture - Getting ready as cats for Halloween

Hurray! It is Halloween time of the year. We (you will come to know soon who ‘We’ are) are super delighted to bring to you a gift this festive season. I and Lisa from Lifeblooming have decided to collaborate some posts under our new project called…..(drum rolls please)…..Fledgling Photographers. We both love photography and are constantly trying our hands on different techniques to improve it. We learnt photography and editing photos from scratch, on our own. We are not experts, just learners who want to share what they know. And this gave us an idea to pen down some handy tips for all to take lovely pictures this festive season. So here we are. We will start with Halloween. || Read more

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Yummy and easy apple tart recipe made at home

A mouth watering apple tart, something perfect to bake after apple picking. That was not the only reason for me to make this tart. It was husband’s birthday for which I made it. I decided to skip the usual cake and try something different. This was for the first time I made an apple tart. It turned out wonderful and it was so delicious. No I am not a baking expert. The recipe was very easy and even a first time baker would get it right. There is no way you can go wrong on this one. Doesn’t that make it the perfect Fall dessert? So lets cut the talk and get to work. || Read more

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Beautiful apples on the branches on an apple tree

As per our promise to ourselves, we took Vidhi for apple picking this weekend. It was more like an extended second birthday celebration activity. We had this in mind for a long time and she loves apples, so an apple orchard was the best place to take her for some fun. We picked Cider hill family orchard as our destination. || Read more

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DIY Polythene organizer and storage in 5 minutes and zero dollar

DIY Plastic bag organizer and storage in 5 minutes and zero dollar

I cannot express my irritation with grocery plastic bags wandering in my kitchen after a grocery trip. I bag them all in one plastic bag and press it into one of the two shelves I use for storing them. They are used for a lot of stuff which prevents me from throwing them all away. But they take a lot of space in cabinets and shelves. I guess I am not the only one who face this problem. So today I decided to sort it out for once and all by making a polythene organizer. || Read more

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My daughter's second birthday celebration at beautiful lake

Oh yes! Time just flies away. She is two, already. Her daily routine is super busy. From exploring the whole world to helping mom clean up the house (ya, right), my little girl never gets time to relax. So yesterday, on her second birthday, we took her to this beautiful lake and let her be herself.

This time we decided to keep our daughter’s birthday celebration private. So it was just us with out sweetheart, having fun, clicking photos, eating cakes and trying to hold on to those balloons that were eager to fly away. If you are planning for a party, check out her first birthday party that we threw last year. To all photography lovers, you are in for a treat || Read more

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Easy DIY - Taylor Swift Ked's collection inspired shoes on budget

Easy DIY – Taylor Swift Keds collection inspired shoes

I am so much in love with Taylor Swift’s Keds collection of shoes that I had to do this DIY. I would love to buy those shoes and show them off, but for now lets stick to the budget. So here is my version of shoes inspired by the lovely sneaker collection. What do you think of them? Achieving this look is super easy and anyone can do it. || Read more

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Best side dish ever - Veggies in Hoisin Sauce

Best side dish ever – Veggies in Hoisin Sauce

I never thought I would be such a foodie. Thank fully I stick to the cooking end of being foodie than eating everything I come across. I believe being addicted to cooking also makes you a foodie. You just want to cook yummy thing (read – I don’t feel like to cook dinner but I can bake a cake). Cooking is like meditation to me that calms my mind and if it is a cake, it adds some more fat to my belly. Apart from this philosophy, I am here to share a delicious side dish recipe which is super yummy. It is Tofu, Eggplant and Onions in Hoisin Sauce. || Read more