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Welcome to my living room. Yes that is my living room. I live in an apartment and this living room extends to dining as well. The reason I am sharing these pics of my clean (something called reality check) living room is an initiative taken by one of my fellow blogger Melissande who writes a lovely blog Our Growing Roots . We want to share the daily picture of our house where things are not sparkling clean. They are just the way in any other house hold. We call this series as Transparent Tuesdays. So I decided to reveal my living room the way it usually is, shining in its own mess.

IMG_9962We live in a two bedroom apartment and I have a dedicated nursery for my daughter in one room. But she hardly ever plays there. She loves to play where we sit and that usually is our living room. If I start spending time in her room, she definitely follows up but I have to run all around the house and being in that room all the time is not possible.

So she brings all her toys to living room and they are everywhere. Lately Vidhi has grown fond of pillow fight. She picks every cushion that she can (even the big ones that she can hardly carry) and charge on me. That is the reason I let those cushions be where they are, than on being my sofas.

We both (oh yes my Mister is a real helper when it comes to cleaning up rooms) try to keep this room clean but her fun feels more important to us. On days when we clean up everything and put her toys in toy boxes, she would roam around the empty room, getting bored than going to her room and picking up some toys to play with. So when she brings her toys to living room, we let her do that and sometimes I get her toys out myself. That way she feels she is part of what ever we are doing, whether it is sipping tea, chatting or working on our laptops. See that tent castle, we decided to keep it in living room so she can enjoy it.

When I was in college, I used to dream of my house a well organized, super clean one. But when it comes to reality, our priorities change. Running for a job or bringing up kids, cooking for my family, getting the laundry done, running for groceries and if still some energy is left, take some time out for myself, these have become my priorities now. My house doesn’t stay sparkling but I am happy. I don’t mind this mess and I don’t mind sharing it with you all.

So here it is, my living room, the way it usually is. Share your feeling or a picture if you like at this Tuesday Transparent link up party :)

Our Growing Roots

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Toddler talks that are so cute, it could melt your heart

Toddler talks that are so cute, it could melt your heart

Looks like I am doing some great job being a mommy. Other than pillow fights, that are my daughter’s most favorite activity these days, I have partially succeeded in teaching her numbers plus some manners.

So if you meet her and she is not in a shy mood, you definitely will hear a cheerful ‘Hi’ from her. And there are no exceptions to it. Even some baby goats got well greeted by her recently when we visited a local petting zoo. Although || Read more

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Tips to save Earth from your living room

Tips to save Earth from your living room

Hey !! Isn’t this blog about parenting, cooking and all the mommy stuff? It sure is. I am a mother who, just like any other mother, wants the best for her children. And that is why I am writing this post. I want my kids to have a better future but the way we all are treating our planet right now, the chances of better future are being compromised. Good education, brain improving activities, nutritious food and our love won’t be enough for our kids if they end with an exhausted cum polluted home. So I decided to write down some tips that we all can implement ‘very easily’ in our daily life and make Earth a better place to live.

Almost everyone knows these things but how many of us work on it? You don’t need to compulsorily go to rallies and meeting to save this planet. You just need to do your bit by following at least one of these tips. Trust me, even one tip will do tons of favor for our home Earth. My house may not be sparkling clean all the time but I practice these tips. It is a habit that my parents passed on to me. And while we all are busy teaching our kids a lot of things, lets add these tips to the curriculum as well. || Read more

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DIY - Photo shoot of your toddler

Reasons and tips to do your kids Photo Shoot on your own

Last to last week I decided to do a dedicated photo shoot of my daughter Vidhi, who is 21 months old now and learnt a few things that in my opinion are worth sharing. It is always a good idea to hire a professional to do a photo session. But if you have a nice camera and you know your where about of the settings, try a photo shoot of your own. I don’t say that you can replace the professionals but I have a good reason to back up my suggestion and I will share my wisdom with you soon (ya, right). Some families have a tradition of once a year photo shoot or so. I propose a semi-annual DIY photo shoot. And here are my reasons to do so and some tips. || Read more

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Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

4th July firework seen from Morgan street near Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

4th July firework seen from Morgan street near Gateway Arch, St. Louis, Missouri

This 4th of July, we decided to have an extended celebration of our marriage anniversary by visiting and exploring Saint Louis. It is four hours drive from our place and I always wanted to see the inside of top of the Gateway arch. That was the plan but soon many small things got added to our schedule and made our day wonderful. From the Independence day firework to unexpected live rock band in a street, the list is long of all the things we did and places we explored. I felt great about the way things turned out. It encouraged us to take small trips to places near us and to explore the little wonders there. We sure got a recipe to enjoy these little trips be it Hutchinson or St. Louis. We planned and picked the places to visit, in advance. Planning makes it much better any easy to decide than confusion when in a new city. That said, lets see the places we visited and the surprises we got throughout the day. || Read more

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You know that I try to bring humor to this blog now and then. So here is another one, a gag for parents who need a break.

Toddler Gags - Viscious circle of bath - Stage 1

Toddler Gags – Vicious circle of bath – Stage 1

Toddler Gags - Viscious circle of bath - Stage 2

Toddler Gags – Vicious circle of bath – Stage 2

Toddler Gags - Viscious circle of bath - Stage 3

Toddler Gags – Vicious circle of bath – Stage 3

Toddler Gags - Vicious circle of bath - Stage 4

Toddler Gags – Vicious circle of bath – Stage 4

Photos by IQmom.

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Classic white cake recipe with hand made fondant peony for our 5th marriage anniversary

Classic white cake recipe with hand made fondant peony for our 5th marriage anniversary

We are five years old now, I and my husband. Well I am talking about our marriage. Yesterday we celebrated our fifth marriage anniversary. All day long I kept saying same thing “time just flies by” while putting all my efforts to make this white cake with a fondant peony. It wasn’t the cake that took that long, it was the peony. It was for the first time I made a big fondant flower. The challenge was to get the fondant right and make the flower with out any tools. Took some time but I made it. I plan to do a post on how to make this fondant peony. That is all you are gonna hear about the peony for now as I am here to share the recipe for a classic White cake. This cake turned out lovely and soft. I made a half cake with a message on its back for my husband. || Read more