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What resolution to make for New YearHappy New year 2015 to all of you. May this year be prosperous for you and your family and it may bring lot of joy and happiness to you all.

Every year, the last couple of months make me wonder how quickly the year went by. And intuitively I start reviewing the past year. What all I did, how the year turned out… know where I am going with this. This all leads to the New Year’s resolutions followed by a new list of crazy resolutions for the coming year. I will be thinner (no wonder that comes first on the list), be more creative, be a better person and the vague list goes on. Don’t get me wrong. I had an amazing 2014, especially when it comes to the resolutions part. Its just that I didn’t make any resolutions for this past year. I tried something new and made my year count, without a heart break of not living up to my resolution list. I ended up doing lot more than I would have put on my list. Here is my secret. || Read more

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Gifts for her - For festive season, thanksgiving, christmas, new year, valentine's dayGift guides, we love them. Every year, when the festive seasons comes in, I and my husband think we don’t need to buy much for ourselves or our home. It turns out to be a delusion, every time. So this year I took the luxury of making a list and checking it out. You can take this as a gift guide (if you are still looking for one), but the stuff I listed here is what we bought for ourselves this year. I meant luxury when I said luxury or so I feel after looking at our credit card statements. And these are not all the things we bought. We got so small and cute stuffs for our house as well, like a super soft luxury throw, our the door racks for organizing our home (another delusion) etc. So lets have a look at our gift list. || Read more

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Veg potato cheese sandwichI wished to write this post for so long about my veg potato cheese sandwich for obvious reasons. One, it is yummy; two, it is super easy to make and three, it is my brain child. I make it for breakfast often and on trip days, when we decide to explore some places like a salt mine or a near by city.

These sandwiches are very fulfilling, thus perfect for our trips. Also, these are perfect to make for all the busy women in the world. You can prepare the filling at night (it takes just 5 minutes), fill the bread with it in the morning and throw it in the sandwich grill. That is all you need to do. So lets get started. || Read more

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Minimalist beautiful bedroom decor

Minimalist beautiful bedroom decor with beautiful plants and wall decalsMinimalist decors always catch my eyes. For some reason, it gives a very soothing feeling to me. I have been thinking for a long time now to get a decor for my bedroom which would have less, non-traditional items and will make the room more of a cozy personal space for all three of us. Also the room should speak of us. Here is what I came up with. A little green, a soothing blue, a little pink, a little black and a lot of white. This is the new look of our bedroom. || Read more

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Cook it, click it - Food photography tips

This post is dedicated to all the hard working mommy’s who cook such delicious treats during the holidays. I and Lisa from Lifeblooming are adding this second post to our photography project, The Fledgling Photographers. We have decided to summarize few tips to click beautiful pics of the yummy food that you plan to cook for Thanksgiving this year.

I will cover the tips part while Lisa will bring up a sister post later. Just so you know, all the photographs in this post (and in all my posts) are clicked by me. I hope that will boost your confidence :) and give you a clear idea of what I am talking about. Lets get started. P.S the most important tip which will add that magical touch to your food photographs is the last one. So don’t miss it. || Read more

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Toddler's first day at pre-school and after

My little birdie took off. At the age of two years and one month, we got her into day care. It is her first step towards making her own world. And it is not easy. Neither for her nor for us. But together we stepped into this phase of our lives. We are happy that our daughter is going to learn so many new things, meet so many new kids, make new friends.

I always thought it would be impossible for me to let her go, even to the school. The ‘going to the day-care’ phase never occurred to me. When I left her in the day care on first day, my heart ached real bad. The second day was even tough because she remembered what happened a day before. What gives us relief is that it is a good day care and they are taking nice care of our daughter.

Today I plan to pen down how we chose the day care, how we prepared to send her to the pre-school and what happened after her first day. Also we saw some changes in her behavior after first week. So I will mention it as well. || Read more

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Fall family photography - My toddler strolling among beautiful Fall leaves

Fall family photography - A bench by the lake during Fall || Read more